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Mali EGRA Report of Findings

This report summarizes the findings and describes the situation in classrooms in the three regions where data was collected—Koulikoro, Sikasso, and Sйgou. The findings from EGRA 2015 are not directly comparable with those from a previous Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) study conducted in 2009 because of differences in the sample; however, a general comparison of trends from both studies indicates that the situation for the vast majority of children remains the same—children in Mali cannot read in French or Bamanankan (according to school type) in the first two years of school. Nevertheless, assuming equal inputs, children who are learning to read in the language they speak at home (Bamanankan) have fewer zero scores and better accuracy (percent correct out of those attempted) than children learning to read in French.

RTI International
Date Published: 
Friday, February 26, 2016
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