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Multimedia (Video and Audio)

This page contains videos and audio files in support of reading (EGRA) and math (EGMA) initiatives.


EGRA: DVD Videos

EGRA: Video Disclaimer

EGRA: Assessment Preparation

EGRA: Stopwatch Instruction

EGRA: Establish Rapport

EGRA: Verbal Consent

EGRA: Instrument ID Data

EGRA: Letter Name Knowledge

EGRA: Initial Sound Identification

EGRA: Familiar Word

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EGRA Guidance Webinar - Feb. 16, 2012

EGRA Defined

EGRA Guidance Webinar - Jan. 9, 2012

EGRA: Higgins Teacher Lecture

EGRA: In the Field

Ghana EGRA and EGMA - high and low performers

Jordan EGRA: Non-fluent Reader

Jordan EGRA: Fluent Reader

Reading Lesson in Liberia 1

Reading Lesson in Liberia 2

Para leer mejor (For Better Reading) - P1

Para leer mejor (For Better Reading) - P2

Para leer mejor (For Better Reading) - P3

Para leer mejor (For Better Reading) - P4

Reading in Peru

Teaching with Clear Goals - A Successful Experience in Latin America (Spanish)

EGRA Plus in Liberia

Lankama Public Community School, Liberia

Reading in Nicaragua

Nicaragua: Best Practices for Reading Instruction (Procesos de enseñanza de lectura)

Teaching with Clear Goals - A Successful Experience in Latin America

An Approach to Teaching and Reading in Hausa: Narrated RARA Approach

Using Lot Quality Assurance Sampling to Monitor Impact of Early Grade Reading Programs

Examples of Fluent and Non-fluent Readers:

Below are several audio recordings of students reading a short story. Listen for the difference between fluent and non-fluent readers.

Yemen non-fluent reader

Yemen fluent reader

John had a little dog. The little dog was fat.
One day John and the dog went out to play.
The little dog got lost.
But after a while the dog came back.
John took the dog home.
When they got home John gave the dog a big meal.
The little dog was happy so he slept.
John also went to sleep

Jamaica non-fluent reader

Jamaica fluent reader

South Africa non-fluent reader

South Africa fluent reader

Reading Song - Liberia

News Story about EGRA Plus project in Liberia by Tamasin Ford


EGMA: Videos

Early Grade Mathematics Assessment

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