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Nigeria State - EGRA 2014

The following is an EGRA/EGMA/SSME dataset.

To view and properly analyze these datafiles, you will need either:
   • Stata 13 (or higher) [Preferred]: The complex sample setup -svyset- is already saved within the datafiles.
   • IBM SPSS Statistics 21 (or higher) for Windows plus the SPSS Complex Analysis Module: You will need to use the Complex Sample Analysis Plan: (.csaplan file) provided in the zip-file to properly analyze the data.
   • Microsoft Excel: See the Excel spreadsheets (Notes and Sample-Methodology) to better understand how the data are set up for complex sample analysis.

Please note: USAID approval is required before accessing this dataset.
Download the EdData Dataset Access Instructions below to learn how to submit your request.

Reports and Instruments:
Nigeria Reading and Access Research Activity: Results of the 2014 Hausa and English EGRAs in Government Primary Schools and IQTE Centers of Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina States

Date Published: 
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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