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REACH and the Global Reading Network trial, refine or promote technologies that have the potential to improve the reading of millions of young learners worldwide.  

Enabling Writers Workshop Program (EW)

The Enabling Writers Workshop Program (EW) produced more than 3,000 new decodable and leveled readers in underserved languages in six countries - Bangladesh, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria and Philippines. The languages are Hausa, Cebuano, Boholano, Kagayanon, Kalanguya, Bangla, Bahasa Indonesia Awadi, Bhojpuri, Doteli, Maithili, Nepal Bhasa, Nepali, Tharu, and Haitian Creole.  Books are uploaded to the Global Digital Library (GDL) and Bloom Library for wider access globally. The program is implemented through training and book-writing workshops. Local country project teams work with teams of local writers, language expects, and curriculum specialists to produce books using BLOOM software. They use a variety of tools to ensure books are of high quality, align with national curriculum, scope and sequence, and book leveling criteria.  Local country teams are encouraged to make sure that there is a representation of important cross-cutting issues relevant to the national, cultural or social context.

Implementers: Dhaka Ahsania Mission – Bangladesh; Library for All – Haiti; Yayasan Sulinana Foundation – Indonesia; World Education – Nepal; American University of Nigeria – Nigeria; and, University of San Jose – Recoletos – the Philippines.  

​​Enabling Writers Workshop Program Materials and Tools are free and open for public use.

The Enabling Writers Workshop Program (EW) is funded by the All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for DevelopmentPartners—USAIDWorld Vision and the Australian Government—and is supported by REACH (University Research Co. LLC) and SIL LEAD, through training, mentoring and monitoring processes. 


Support to the Global Digital Library

The Global Digital Library promotes early-grade literacy worldwide by making storybooks and other reading materials available in more than 100 languages by 2020. In this video, Christer Gundersen, CEO of the Norwegian Digital Learning Agency and CTO of the Global Digital Library, introduces the Global Reading Network to the GDL.  REACH advised the GDL team on minimum quality criteria for decodable and leveled readers and “library” books and operationalization of a book review process. To learn more about the platform and submission of titles, go to the GDL website.

The Global Digital Library is the first of four Global Book Alliance flagship initiatives where REACH/GRN will be engaged.  Learn more about GBA’s 2018-2020 Strategy. 



Tracking and Tracing Books Using Technology   


The All Children Reading(ACR) team, Global Reading Network and Global Book Alliance advocated heavily around the issue of book hunger in 2018, particularly in the area of reducing wastage and leakages as children, as parents and teachers await their books at schools. The following resources are useful for partners interested in using technologies to improve efficiency in book distribution:

GRN Event:  Getting Books into Schools: Expanding Book Track and Trace Initiatives (February 2018) – Highlights recent work byJohn Snow, Inc.,Education Development Center,Creative Associates International and Community Systems Foundation

ACR Prize Competition program descriptions and reports: Tracking and Tracing Books

ACR Blog: Creating a Culture of Accountability in Tracking Book Delivery