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Resources for teaching and learning early grade reading

As part of its ongoing effort to support U.S. government and global efforts to improve early grade reading instruction and outcomes specifically, Reading within Reach (REACH) is providing multiple learning opportunities for the Global Reading Network (GRN) community of practice to learn about and share research, experiences and best practices in this field.

In November, REACH will host an online webinar series titled Early Grade Reading Program Design and Implementation: Best Practices and Resources for Success. This series of six webinars will focus on major components and critical issues in early grade reading programs, including the following: teaching and learning materials development and use; key early grade reading skills and strategies for teaching them; language considerations in early grade reading programs; teacher professional development and pedagogical coaching; and program planning, scale up and sustainability. Cross-cutting issues related to gender, inclusive education and technology will be integrated throughout. Although the webinars are designed as a package, participation in one does not require participation in others. Each webinar will include references and resources that will be provided to participants.

Please click here for the webinar resources and recording.



Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 09:00 to 11:00
Hosting Organization: 
Global Reading Network
Aristarick Lyimo
Amy Pallangyo