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Article Identifies Ten Trends in Girls’ Education

What are the key trends in girls’ education? An article by Christina Kwauk, Amanda Braga, and Nora Fyles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review examines changes in girls’ education in recent years and looks at strategies to consider. The article is based on a survey conducted by the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings and the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) of 125 organizations that work on girls’ education. The ten key trends are:

1.      Focusing efforts on adolescent girls

2.      Investing in efforts to improve the quality of education overall, and girls’ education in particular

3.      Addressing school-related gender-based violence

4.      “No girl left behind”—focusing on hard-to-reach populations

5.      Multi-sectoral approaches

6.      Partnerships and communities of practice

7.      System strengthening

8.      Supporting gender equality in education

9.      Social norms work

10.    Utilizing social media, ambassadors and grassroots mobilization

For further information, including details of each of the ten trends, read the full article here.



Thursday, June 1, 2017