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Articles Stress Importance of Teachers

Two recent articles stress the vital importance of strong teachers as a key element for promoting student achievement. Speaking in Australia recently, OECD education chief Andreas Schleicher said that the key to improving education lies in having great teachers and high-quality teaching strategies. Providing teachers with less actual time in class so that they have more time to engage with students individually, work with parents, review and analyze their lessons and engage in other professional development activities is more important than having smaller class sizes, Schleicher said. Read the full article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Meanwhile, delegates at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai in March heard that schools’ spending should be focused on teacher recruitment, training and salaries rather than on technology. One speaker stated that limited education funds should first be used on school buildings and personnel, noting that in some places teachers receive less than a country’s minimum wage. Other speakers, however, talked about positive uses of technology. Read more about the debate in this article from the UAE National.  The forum grew out of a 2015 OECD report titled Students, Computers and Learning.





Thursday, April 6, 2017