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Blog and Report Make the Case for Investing in Reading


“It is estimated that more than 250 million school children throughout the world cannot read,” according to a recent World Bank blog submitted by Harry A. Patrinos. Patrinos and coauthors Jimmy Graham and Sean Kelly state that higher literacy rates are associated with healthier populations, less crime, greater economic growth and higher employment rates. They add that growing evidence over the past decade indicates that getting young children to read really works. Based on that, they say that “the most successful pilots should be brought to scale in all countries where early grade reading is an issue.”

Noting that large numbers of students in the early grades are not learning to read effectively, the authors argue that “education funding should be shifted towards early primary education reading initiatives. They point out the cost-effectiveness of focusing on early grade reading and cite examples from 13 countries where early grade reading interventions had positive impacts on critical literacy indicators.

To learn more, read the full World Bank blog post. The blog post is based on the March 2017 report, The Case for Investment in Early Grade Reading, authored by Sean Kelly and Jimmy Graham. Access the report here.



Monday, July 10, 2017