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G20 Summit Should Spotlight Girls’ Education, Says Article

The G20 summit, scheduled for July 7th – 8th in Germany, will include discussion of women’s empowerment. A key element in creating that empowerment is education, state authors Barry Johnston and Taylor Royle in a recent article for News Deeply, a media startup and social enterprise.

Noting that more than 130 million girls are out of school worldwide and that more girls are denied an education than boys, particularly at the secondary level, the authors argue that G20 countries should “kick-start a global increase in funding for education.” Instead, they say, aid to education has fallen consistently for the past six years.

The authors cite UNESCO estimates that, by 2020, the world could have 40 million job vacancies, but not enough educated workers to fill them. “To solve this problem, address other critical challenges and bring more women into the labor market, G20 leaders must commit to closing the global education funding gap,” the authors state. For further details, read the full article.




Thursday, July 6, 2017