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Get to Know GRN, Part 1: What We Do (and How You Can Get Involved)

An estimated 250 million children around the world lack foundational reading skills. The Global Reading Network (GRN) is working to remedy this critical problem by connecting donors, government agencies, organizations and individuals who have an interest in improving the literacy lives of children everywhere. Toward this end, GRN offers a blended platform for literacy information sharing and interaction that includes a variety of resources, as well as online and in-person activities around the world. 

Members of GRN’s Community of Practice support global literacy in many ways. Often, they ask, “Exactly what does GRN do, and how can I get involved?”

We Support Research

GRN monitors, gathers information about and supports ongoing research into critical questions of reading program improvement. Specific topics of interest include identifying effective early childhood education approaches, examining the landscape of research and identifying important areas of research that are current neglected, such as mother tongue instruction, time for instruction and how to develop and use effective resources to support student learning. By engaging members with reading research, GRN fulfills its mission to disseminate best practices to the field. How can you get involved? Take advantage of the research materials on the GRN website, such as EdData resources. We also invite you to alert us to new research in the field by contacting

We Provide Training

As part of our mission to improve reading instruction worldwide, GRN provides a variety of training resources and opportunities. These include resources delivered through our online community or through face-to-face training events around the world. In addition, we are currently developing online self-study modules for members to use independently to learn more about reading, reading resources and reading program implementation and scale-up.  Our training modules include background information, case studies of effective practices in the field and model resources from successful programs. How can you get involved? Propose topics for GRN webinars; you can even offer to present at one of them!

We Implement Innovations

GRN participates with USAID and other partners to implement innovations in reading and reading support systems. Currently, GRN and Reading within REACH are implementing the Enabling Writers Workshop Program in six countries. This program is designed to support local authors in producing decodable and leveled books in local languages, using Bloom book-writing software. The books are field tested with schools, and then will be made available for adoption by ministries, and provided through online digital formats. The Enabling Writers Workshop Program is one of multiple stakeholder efforts to make use of award-winning technologies from the All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development Competition to realize the goal of the Global Book Alliance to transform book development, procurement and distribution to ensure that no child is without books. How can you get involved? Let us know about other innovations that we might bring to the attention of the GRN Community of Practice.

That’s a quick overview of what we do at GRN and how you can get involved.  Our next installment in this Get to Know GRN series will spotlight Who We Are, providing brief profiles of staff members.

We Encourage Participation

GRN actively seeks ideas and input from members of the Community of Practice. Currently, we are seeking nominations for members of the GRN Steering Committee, an elected body that provides strategic direction to the network. Further details on roles, responsibilities and qualifications can be found in the GRN Governance Guidelines. To request a copy, contact and include the subject line "Steering Committee" in your email. The deadline for submitting nominations is April 24, 2017.





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