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Global Reading Network Seeks Nominations for Steering Committee

The purpose of the Global Reading Network’s (GRN) Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction to the network. The GRN is supported through Reading within Reach (REACH), a five-year initiative (2014-2018) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and managed by University Research Co, LLC (URC), with the goal of increasing the impact, scale and sustainability of early grade reading (EGR) programs in low- and middle-income countries. The Steering Committee is expected to maintain regular communication with the GRN Secretariat, which is currently embodied by the REACH initiative and its staff at URC.

The Steering Committee will be elected by members of the network. The Steering Committee will be comprised of 11 members representing the following types of organizations and institutions:

  • Global Reading Network (4 individuals): These members will be drawn from the GRN’s general membership and will have demonstrated experience implementing EGR initiatives. They will represent the diversity and global nature of members’ work and geographic locations.
  • Government Education Bodies (2 individuals): These members will represent government education bodies (such as Ministries of Education) from low- or middle-income countries that are actively involved in EGR improvement efforts.
  • Research or Academic Institutions (2 individuals): These members will have demonstrated academic or research experience relevant to the GRN’s work.
  • Donor Community (2 individuals): These members will represent bi- or multi-lateral donor agencies supporting EGR initiatives.
  • GRN Secretariat (1 individual): This member will be a REACH staff person (until December 2018) with both program and research background who has the knowledge and ability to be on-site for Steering Committee meetings.

Steering Committee terms will be two years. Interested candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated by others. Candidates or those who nominate them will be required to submit a brief application summarizing their relevant experience and interest for serving on the Steering Committee. Further details on roles, responsibilities and qualifications can be found in the GRN Governance Guidelines. To request a copy, contact








Friday, March 3, 2017