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Monitoring Student Learning

As education stakeholders work to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4, which calls for a quality education for every child by 2030, one challenge is monitoring progress. A series of four blog posts by Silvia Montoya, director of UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics (UIS), describes four new easy-to-use statistical publications and data tools produced by UIS that can help in this process.

Montoya’s blogs address these topics:

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SDG 4 Indicators…But Didn’t Know Who or How—to Ask!
  • Meet the SDG 4 Data: Measuring How Much Children Are Learning
  • Meet the SDG 4 Data: Preparing Children for Education
  • Meet the SDG 4 Data: Giving Youth the Skills They Need for the Job Market

A blog published on July 18 focuses on measuring the quality of learning in primary and lower secondary education. The post examines how this indicator is calculated, produced, and interpreted. A blog published on July 25 discusses preparing children for education. These two may be of special interest to members of the Global Reading Network.

The over-arching goal for the new publications and data tools, Montoya writes, “is to provide and improve the measurement frameworks that will propel the world closer to a free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education for every single child.” To learn more, read the fourth blog, which also includes links to all the other blogs and to all four of the new UIS publications and data tools.



Thursday, August 9, 2018