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Register for a pre-conference workshop and engage with experts on key issues of Early Grade Reading


How can education systems support peace and reconciliation in fragile settings where there is ethnic and religious diversity? Can education materialsproduced for a linguistically diverse society also carry messages about the need to respect diversity and build social cohesion? This workshop offers one step in that direction: building ‘Learning to Live together’ and Global/National/Local Citizenship themes into workshops for writers of stories, textbooks and other education materials in countries in crisis or conflict, for Early Grade Reading and beyond, in line with SDG 4.7.

This six-hour workshop will bring together curriculum developers from countries in conflict and crisis, program officers from agencies committed to infusing more robust SEL into formal curricula,  academics, graduate students, and other practitioners from the fields of education materials/curriculum and crisis/conflict.  The goal is two-fold.  First, participants will develop an innovative model that can help material developers in formal education systems in crisis and conflict settings address issues of social and emotional learning and responsible citizenship.  Second, participants will develop a common strategy for adding effective SEL to curricula in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Participants will have the option of hands-on work developing EGR materials using Bloom software, which is intended for use in difficult settings and is designed to facilitate translation into local languages. (This software is for PCs so please bring your PC laptop if you have one, for small group work.) Alternatively, those primarily interested in Grades 4 and above and those concerned with policy will share experiences and develop strategies for higher primary and beyond.

The workshop will be led by Margaret Sinclair of the Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC) program of Education Above All, with support from the USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network. Lunch boxes will be provided by PEIC as the event begins at 11h45 and continues until 6 pm.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017