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Reminder: Open Licensing Webinar Takes Place This Week


One of the main barriers to improving children’s reading skills is limited or no access to textbooks and reading materials. Restrictive copyrights limit how reading resources are used, shared or repurposed, which in turns limits the potential impact, reach and scalability of the materials. An open educational resource (OER) policy could substantially support Early Grade Reading (EGR) efforts, and open licensing of EGR materials is now a policy requirement for all United States Government-funded projects. However, transitioning to an OER model requires that all stakeholders involved in production, distribution and use of EGR materials can find benefit in the approach.

The Global Reading Network (GRN) is collaborating with Global Book Alliance (GBA) and All Children Reading (ACR) to conduct a series of in-depth webinar-based trainings on open licensing in the coming months. The webinars are intended to support ministries of education, publishers and EGR implementers as they collaborate to provide open EGR resources. Webinars will be presented twice and scheduled at times accessible to people in the United States, Africa and Asia.

The first webinar focuses on basic information about Creative Commons, which works to clarify how the public may use and adapt resources, while also encouraging respect for copyright and copyright holders. Both presentations of this webinar feature Cable Green, Director of Open Education at Creative Commons. The first presentation of this webinar took place on April 10.

Register here for the April 24/25 presentation of the webinar, which will take place at 10:00 PM (EDT – US) New York on April 24, 7:30 AM (IST – New Delhi, India) on April 25 and 9:00 AM (ICT – Bangkok, Thailand) on April 25.

To learn more about Creative Commons, visit its website. Watch for materials from the webinars to be posted on the Global Reading Network’s website.


Tuesday, April 23, 2019