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Rihanna’s Gift Supports Malawi Schoolgirls

While more than three-quarters of Malawi’s primary-school age children attend school, fewer than 10 percent attend secondary school. Fewer girls than boys make it to that next level of schooling. One key reason is the long distance they must walk to reach the nearest school.

Global superstar entertainer Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF), which she founded in 2012 to promote access to education and health, recently partnered with the Beijing-based bike-sharing platform ofo to remedy this situation. Together, CLF and ofo are funding scholarships to help hundreds of girls attend secondary school in Malawi and donating bikes to these scholarship recipients to help overcome the transportation challenges they face. The first batch of ofo bikes already have been put into use in Malawi and have drawn positive feedback from students and teachers.

“I’m so happy about the Clara Lionel Foundation’s new partnership with ofo because it will help so many young people around the world receive a quality education, and also help the young girls of Malawi get to school safely, cutting down those very long walks they make to and from school all alone.” said Rihanna.

To learn more, read this news release or this article from Elle UK.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017