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Students Write Children’s Books

Wilmer De La O came to the United States from El Salvador three years ago. Although he still struggles with English, he dreams of becoming an educator so that he can help other newcomers learn the language. He has already taken steps toward achieving that dream. De La O and about 70 other students at Park View High School in Sterling, Virginia, have written and illustrated 15 children’s storybooks in English and Spanish that are now being read by Salvadoran schoolchildren. 

The project was conducted in partnership with the Loudoun County Public Library and funded with a grant from the American Library Association. Many of the young author/illustrators are immigrants. Others just enjoy art or writing. “It feels great because you’re sharing what you think, and you know that children from your own country are reading it,” De La O said. For further details, read the full article, written by Moriah Balingit, from The Washington Post.




Monday, January 23, 2017