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Advancing the Right to Read

The overall goal of the Advancing the Right to Read (ARR) programme is that all children are able to read well by the time they complete primary school. If we work holistically on policies, attitudes and practices to support children’s development, with a specific focus on literacy, from birth through into the early grades or primary schools (0-9), then children’s reading ability and ultimately learning outcomes will improve. A holistic approach includes: providing parenting education and opportunities for community action; training teachers in effective reading instruction methods; providing children with access to high quality reading materials in their local language; developing a culture of literacy and learning that emphasizes the value of literacy and creates opportunities for children to practice and enjoy reading together.

Implementation Timeframe
January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2017
Primary Implementing Organization: 
Save the Children
Funding Organization: 
Comic Relief
Save the Children UK
Jersey Overseas Aid Commission
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Save the Children US
Teaching and Learning Materials Development/Provision
Policy Dialogue
Community Mobilization
Teacher Training Pre-Service
Teacher Coaching
Mother Tongue Education
Multilingual Education
School Management
Parent Teacher Association/Community Training
Reading Advocacy
Total Number Pre-Service Teachers Targeted for Capacity Building: 
Total Number of Students Targeted: