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Community Based Education for Children in Dehsabz

In 2009, Save the Children started supporting Quality Primary Education Project in Dehsabz district located 30 km outside of Kabul city. The project worked to ensure access to education for returnees and internally displaced people in the area and focused on providing in improved learning environment for students. It included establishing 30 Accelerated Learning Classes covering 900 children to study until grade four and then to get transferred to formal schools, distributing 960 student-, teacher- and classroom-kits as well as 5400 text books. 
Additionally to ensure a safe educational environment for children, Save the Children built 18 classrooms, four latrines and two boundary walls in 5 formal schools in the area. One well with water pump was installed and another well was repaired to ensure clean drinking water for the children. 
As a part of the project teacher trainings were conducted for 175 school teachers on different topics such as child friendly classrooms/schools/home environment, also on child rights and other topics. Furniture and stationary was provided to different schools in Dehsabz and PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations), student councils and CEC (Com- munity Education Committees) were also established to help improve the status of education status in Dehsabz. 
Implementation Timeframe
January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2016
Primary Implementing Organization: 
Save the Children
Funding Organization: 
Save the Children Italy
Teaching and Learning Materials Development/Provision
Policy Dialogue
Community Mobilization
Teacher Coaching
Mother Tongue Education
Multilingual Education
School Management
Parent Teacher Association/Community Training
Reading Advocacy
Total Number Pre-Service Teachers Targeted for Capacity Building: 
Total Number of Students Targeted: