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Data Capacity Assessment and Gap Closure Assistance

Under the Data Capacity Assessment and Gap Closure Assistance activity, RTI assessed host country systems' ability to collect, process, analyze and use a common set of education data. The intention of the three pilot assessments is two-fold. First, produce a common framework to reviewing the capacity of host country data systems to promote coherent aggregate reporting on education sector progress, inform national education planning and donor assistance strategies, and measure outcomes against those goals. Second, using this framework, carefully review the countries' existing education data capacity and systems, and make recommendations regarding needed improvements. Following the assessments, RTI facilitates dialogue among stakeholders—government, civil society, and other donors—in many of the host countries about ways to close data gaps and streamline collection and reporting.

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Implementation Timeframe
January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013
Primary Implementing Organization: 
RTI International
Funding Organization: 
Policy Dialogue
Reading Assessment
Total Number of Students Targeted: