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Kenya Primary Mathematics and Reading Initiative

RTI is implementing a randomized control trial in 800 schools in Kenya to compare different variations on USAID's Primary Math and Reading Initiative (see USAID PRIMR description). RTI is conducting baseline, midterm, and endline assessments of pupil performance in reading (in Kiswahili and English, and in mother tongue for the fourth treatment group) and mathematics using the early grade reading and math assessments (EGRA and EGMA). RTI is also systematically collecting quantitative and qualitative data on teacher instructional practice, pupil-teacher interactions during lessons, and teacher and pupil use of materials to enhance learning.  RTI will organize and support wide-spread dissemination of all evaluation findings and will work with the MOE and its partners and stakeholders to construct policy dialogue sessions.

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Implementation Timeframe
August 15, 2011 - August 15, 2014
Primary Implementing Organization: 
RTI International
Funding Organization: 
British Department of International Development
Policy Dialogue
Reading Assessment
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