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Our Sisters Read

Women's Global Education Project is working in partnership with USAID in the Fatick region of Senegal to support early grade reading.  Our Sisters Read creates  strong readers while fostering a culture of literacy and lifelong learning  in rural primary school students, particularly girls. Our Sisters Read builds the foundational reading skills of 8,000 rural primary school students by creating access to technology centers, mobile libraries and trained literacy professionals. The program encourages and motivates students to read through innovative resources and incentives, reaching students at participating schools each year through contests, scholarships, mentorships and book clubs. Our Sisters Read also builds communities of parents and leaders that support young girls and boys to increase their reading and technological literacy.  

Implementation Timeframe
September 1, 2013 - September 1, 2017
Primary Implementing Organization: 
Women's Global Education Project
Sub Implementer: 
Femme Plus
Funding Organization: 
Community Mobilization
Teacher Coaching
Reading Advocacy
Additional Program Information File: 
Total Number In-Service Teachers Targeted for Capacity Building: 
Total Number of Students Targeted: