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Promoting the Advancement of Girls' Education in Mozambique (PAGE-M)

It takes a holistic approach to helping girls stay in school, especially during key transition years Using programs like Literacy Boost can improve learning and persistence in school, and other programs can make schools more friendly to girls. PAGE-M works with public schools in rural areas of Mozambique to address the financial constraints, cultural attitudes, school environments, poor education quality, and other factors that can push girls out of school.  It also provides better materials and training for teachers to support girls' education, trains youth literacy promoters, and forms community literacy groups to encourage parents to support reading at home.  

Implementation Timeframe
January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2016
Primary Implementing Organization: 
Save the Children
Funding Organization: 
Teaching and Learning Materials Development/Provision
Community Mobilization
Teacher Coaching
Reading Assessment
Parent Teacher Association/Community Training
Reading Advocacy
Total Number of Students Targeted: