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A Comprehensive Approach to Reading and Mathematics Instruction

Resource Type: 
Teaching/Learning Materials
Sitabkhan, Yasmin
Sugrue, Mary
da Silva, Carol
Publisher or Sponsoring Organization: 
The Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
March 1, 2018
Abstract (200 Character Limit) : 

Community of Practice members of the Global Reading Network were engaged in a series of discussions March 1, 2018 exploring the work and critical gaps around early year learning.  This included discussions on teaching and learning pedagogies on reading and math and potential connections between the two subjects.  In addition, the conversations focused on early year education and the importance of early year education on later school achievement.  Participants had an opportunity to learn about the latest research and developments in this field, as well as reflect on the information and how it can inform their work.


Teacher assessment; Training and professional development – teachers
Target Audience: 
Grade Level (K-3)