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Enabling Writers Workshop Program Guides and Toolkits

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All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development
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July 8, 2018
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The Enabling Writers prize competition resulted in the development of Bloom software for use in countries world-wide to develop decodable and leveled books in first languages for young learners. Bloom software is now being implemented in multiple national book development initiatives, using a writers’ workshop approach to support both quality book development and capacity building for local authors and resource development organizations.

The Enabling Writers’ Workshop Program is funded by the All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development Partners—USAID, World Vision and the Australian Government—and is supported by University Research Co. (URC) and SIL International, through training, mentoring and monitoring processes. This guide is intended specifically for use in these national book development programs, and supports both the pedagogical and technology aspects of book development, using Bloom software.

About this Guide and the accompanying Toolkits

This Enabling Writers Workshop Program Guide provides information for national and international organizations that are undertaking book development using Bloom bookwriting software. It includes:

- Background information on early grades reading to support local actors in understanding how books should be used with young readers

- Information about decodable and leveled books appropriate for early grades reading instruction

- Guidelines for implementation of writers’ workshops to support quality book development

- Technical processes for using Bloom book-writing software in workshop settings

- Supporting information and models to assist in all aspects of book production

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Early Grade Reading Educators