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Event Features Authors of Working Paper on Literacy and Numeracy

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Event Recordings, Materials, and E-Courses
Evans, Norma
Srikantaiah, Deepa
Sugrue, Mary
Pallangyo, Amy
Sitabkhan, Yasmin
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The Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
June 6, 2019
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Increasingly, educators are exploring ways of more effectively linking literacy and numeracy instruction. That interest was evident from the enthusiastic live and online audience that attended an event on April 12, 2019 hosted by the Global Reading Network (GRN) and Basic Education Coalition spotlighting three authors of Towards the Design and Implementation of Comprehensive Primary Grade Literacy and Numeracy Programs, a new working paper from GRN.

Three of the paper's authors, Norma Evans of Norma Evans and Associates, Deepa Srikantaiah of World Learning, Inc. and Mary Sugrue of the Education Development Center, described a framework containing six components needed for optimal learning gains in both literacy and numeracy: (1) enabling policies and standards; (2) high-quality texts and materials; (3) effective teachers and instructional leaders; (4) effective coaching and mentoring; (5) continuous assessment that informs instruction; and (6) regular practice outside of school.

Teachers and Teaching
Testing and Assessment
Text and Materials
Instructional Time
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Early Grade Reading Educators