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Getting Books into Schools: Expanding Book Track and Trace Initiatives

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John Snow, Inc.
Education Development Center
Creative Associates International
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The Global Reading Network
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March 8, 2018
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The All Children Reading team, Global Reading Network and Global Book Alliance will be advocating heavily around the issue of book hunger this year, particularly reducing wastage and leakages as children, parents and teachers await their books at schools. On February 22, over 40 reading experts gathered at the REACH offices in person and virtually for an information-gathering meeting on the status of and challenges encountered in current USAID-funded "Track and Trace"(T&T) programming. Innovations to track and trace books are being piloted in several countries, many initiated by All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development's prize competition for Tracking and Tracing Books.

This initial meeting allowed John Snow, Inc., Education Development Center, Creative Associates International and Community Systems Foundation to highlight how they are leveraging technologies, results-based financing and community engagement strategies to enhance the efficiency of and improve accountability for book distribution to schools. RTI will also be launching a T&T initiative this year. Staff from the Global Book Alliance, All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development and REACH/Global Reading Network facilitated small-group sessions to brainstorm how to engage schools, communities, governments and the private sector in creating sustainable solutions. Watch for community-wide track and trace events in 2018 around specific design/implementation issues and strategies being tested!

Additionally, you may wish to check out All Children Reading's blog on "Creating a Culture of Accountability in Tracking Book Delivery."


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