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Global Reading Network International Technical Meeting

In the spirit of the theme for UNESCO’s 50th Anniversary International Literacy Day - Addressing the Global Learning Crisis: Successes and Challenges of Improving Reading Outcomes - USAID and the Global Reading Network hosted a technical meeting on September 7, scheduled to precede International Literacy Day on September 8.  This event addressed important issues related to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of USAID and other multi-national donor reading projects from around the world.

During this meeting, participants identified successes and challenges of improving reading outcomes.

Bender, Penelope
Jayaram, Shubha
Simpson, Heather
Sylla, Ben
Montoya, Silvia
Ayalew, Tayachew
Mogaka Ogutu, Darius
Sarom, Mok
Pompilus, Guy-Serge
Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 7, 2016