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GRN Webinar: Disabilities in Reading Pt 1

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide members of the Community of Practice with valuable professional development information, the Global Reading Network (GRN) offered two webinars in June 2017 spotlighting the topic of disabilities in early grade reading, which is becoming an increasingly important topic globally. The first was held June 7th and, on a macro level, we heard from Joshua Josa - USAID Disability Specialist; Dr. Corinne Vinopol (IDRT) and Dr. Kristina Solum (STS-Int'l) on the All Children Reading initiative to support hard of hearing/deaf children in Morocco; and our Discussant, Nick Hoekstra from the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization.

Josa, Joshua
Dr. Vinopol, Corinne
Dr. Solum, Kristina
Hoekstra, Nicholas
Date Published: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2017