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Introduction to Early Grade Reading Improvement Webinar Series

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Adrienne Barnes
Marion Fesmire
Young-Suk Kim
Aristarick Lyimo
Amy Pallangyo
Alison Pflepsen
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Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
November 30, 2018
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The recently released United States Government Strategy on International Basic Education and the Draft USAID Education Policy underscore the importance of improving the quality of early grade learning. As part of its ongoing effort to support U.S. government and global efforts to improve early grade reading instruction and outcomes specifically, Reading within Reach (REACH) is providing multiple learning opportunities for the Global Reading Network (GRN) community of practice to learn about and share research, experiences and best practices in this field.

In November, REACH hosted an online webinar series titled Early Grade Reading Program Design and Implementation: Best Practices and Resources for Success. This series of six webinars focused on major components and critical issues in early grade reading programs, including the following: teaching and learning materials development and use; key early grade reading skills and strategies for teaching them; language considerations in early grade reading programs; teacher professional development and pedagogical coaching; and program planning, scale up and sustainability. Cross-cutting issues related to gender, inclusive education and technology werebe integrated throughout.

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Teachers, Administrators, Implementers, Ministries/Departments of Education