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Key EGR skills and strategies for effective instruction and assessment

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Adrienne Barnes
Amy Pallangyo
Alison Pflepsen
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The Global Reading Network
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July 17, 2019
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As part of an ongoing effort to support early grade reading improvement globally, REACH is offering a five-part online professional development series during Summer of 2019 --  Early Grade Reading Program Design and Implementation: Best Practices and Resources for Success. This series of two-hour “short courses” focuses on major components and critical issues in early grade reading programs.

The webinars are interactive and provide many opportunities for participant questions, reflection and experience sharing. Case studies and resources are shared during the webinars and made available for download.

Session 3, which was transmitted July 17, 2019, focused on early grade reading and writing skills children need to learn, as well as strategies and activities for effectively teaching them. The session also included a discussion of classroom-based assessments to inform instruction and considerations for planning, monitoring and evaluating instruction. Download the webinar presentation pdf, handouts and a list of resources at the links below.

Teachers and Teaching
Testing and Assessment
Instructional Time
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Teachers, Administrators, Implementers
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