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Literacy Landscape Assessment Toolkit

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Morris, Emily; Kochetkova, Emily; Healey, F. Henry
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REACH/Global Reading Network
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November 26, 2019
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The Literacy Landscape Assessment (LLA) is a comprehensive and flexible approach to capturing and analyzing the many contextual factors that influence literacy acquisition of students in the primary grades or equivalent. It contains multiple tools and activities that can be applied in part or as a whole to suit the needs, time, and budget of its users. The LLA aligns with each principle of the USAID Education Policy, and follows the Reading MATTERS Framework, which outlines the elements of a literacy landscape that must be in place and functioning coherently as a whole to enable literacy acquisition. The LLA is organized into three research areas: 1) the Education System; 2) the Learning Environment (formal and nonformal); and 3) the Home and Community. The LLA Guidebook describes how to plan, design, and execute the LLA. The LLA Workbook provides a framework for how to enter, process, and analyze secondary and primary data and ultimately turn these data into a list of collaboratively determined and actionable recommendations for informing the design or re-design of literacy interventions.

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