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Preparing for Successful Book Procurement - Session One

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Event Recordings, Materials, and E-Courses
Bender, Penelope
de Haas, Roel
Hiebert, Linda
Muita, David
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The Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
September 27, 2018
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During this session attendees heard perspectives from industry experts engaged in publishing, printing, and distribution, as well as individuals providing advisory support to early grade reading programs and Ministries of Education. Session One in our series focused on preparing for a successful procurement, including:

  • The roles of major actors in the book supply chain
  • Criteria to consider when preparing your book procurement package
  • How to attract bidders
  • Project management principles

Panelists: Penelope Bender, Head of Global Education Services, Burda Education Group; David Muita, Managing Director, Moran (E.A.) Publishers Ltd.; Roel de Haas, Owner, blueTree Group; and, Linda Hiebert, Advisor, Global Book Alliance

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EGR Book Production and Supply Community/Industry