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Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings

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Teaching/Learning Materials
Kimmo Kosonen
Catherine Young
Susan Malone
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UNESCO Bangkok
Date Published: 
January 1, 2007
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This resource presents the outcomes of a four-day workshop on Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings. It begins with two resource papers: one focusing on linguistic diversity, literacy and education, and the other on approaches to education in ethnic minority communities. Experiences from the nine countries participating in the UNESCO pilot project follow. The second half of the publication focuses on aspects of multilingual education programme development that were identified during the workshop as being particular challenges for participating countries. These topics include developing low-cost and effective materials, training community teachers, and using appropriate teaching methods. Ideas and approaches for effective multilingual education programme development, as well as examples of good practice in the participating countries, are included in these chapters.

Teaching and learning materials
Policy and finance
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