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Promoting Successful Literacy Acquisition through Structured Pedagogy

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Marcia Davidson
Young-Suk Kim
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Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
March 1, 2019
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Promoting Successful Literacy Acquisition through Structured Pedagogy presents principles of structured pedagogy in teaching. Structured pedagogy enables the teacher to reach students with varying needs more effectively and thus helps develop students’ literacy skills more effectively. The paper describes what structured pedagogy is and is not, and introduces the following principles: Maximizing instructional time, systematic and explicit instruction, instructional routines, scaffolding, assessment informed instructional decisions, and socio-emotional engagement for learning. The paper also discusses frequent challenges in implementing these principles in international contexts as well as a case example of a classroom where the structured pedagogy principles are employed.

Kim, Y.-S. G., & Davidson, M. (2019). Promoting successful literacy acquisition through structured pedagogy: Global Reading Network Critical Topics Series. Prepared by University Research Co., LLC. (URC) under the Reading within REACH initiative for USAID’s Building Evidence and Supporting Innovation to Improve Primary Grade Assistance for the Office of Education (E3/ED). Available at

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Teachers, Administrators, Implementers, Ministries/Departments of Education