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Resources for teaching and learning early grade reading

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Event Recordings, Materials, and E-Courses
Lyimo, Aristarick
Pallangyo, Amy
Pflepsen, Alison
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The Global Reading Network
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July 11, 2019
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During the summer of 2019, the Reading within Reach (REACH) initative conducted a five-part online professional development series, "Early Grade Reading Program Design and Implementation: Best Practices and Resources for Success." The series of two-hour "short courses" focuses on major components and critial issues in early grade reading programs. 

This session focuses on the development and use of resources to support EGR instruction that is appropriate and accessible for diverse learners. Facilitators lead participants through an in-depth discussion of the materials development process. They share resource examples, current best practices for developing materials in multiple languages and helpful tools to support materials production.


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