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Smooth Transition in Bilingual Education - CIES 2015 Presentation

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Teaching/Learning Materials
Anwei Feng
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University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Date Published: 
March 10, 2015
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In this guidance paper, the author first offers a brief overview of recent research and scholarship that deal with different forms of transitional bilingual education. On that basis, the author makes practical recommendations in the form of general guidelines to key stakeholders – policy makers, educators, parents and researchers – to promote effective practice and address key issues in transitional bilingual education policy making, curriculum designing, classroom practice and community support.

The resource file below is a compilation of all 3 presentations from the "Language Ability and Learning in Multilingual Environments" panel session hosted by the Global Reading network:

  • Approaches to Implementing Mother Tongue Instruction in Multilingual Classrooms - Dr. Erini Gouleta (Pg. 2-10)
  • Guidance for Transitioning Learning and Reading from Language 1 to Language 2 - Dr. Agatha van Ginkel (Pg. 11-20)
  • Smooth Transition in Bilingual Education - Prof. Anwei Feng (Pg. 21-31)
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