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A Webinar: "Getting Early Grade Reading Right"

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Event Recordings, Materials, and E-Courses
Manji, Sheila
Dowd, Amy Jo
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The Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
June 20, 2018
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On Monday, June 11, 2018 the Global Reading Network hosted a webinar by early childhood education expert, Sheila Manji, on “Getting early grade reading right: A case for investing in quality Early Childhood Education programs.” In this webinar Sheila outlined the evidence base for how children learn to read in the early years and the critical importance of developing a strong foundation, in reading and all developmental domains, as a prerequisite to all later reading and learning success. Amy Jo Dowd from Save the Children was the discussant. Presentation materials may be downloaded. A recording of the presentation and discussion with attendees is available via the link below.

Teacher assessment; Training and professional development – teachers
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Grade Level (Pre-K)