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Webinar - Language considerations in early grade reading programs

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Event Recordings, Materials, and E-Courses
Adrienne Barnes
Alison Pflepsen
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Global Reading Network
Date Published: 
November 13, 2018
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The purpose of this webinar series is to provide information, guidance and resources on Early Grade Reading program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to members of the GRN community of practice, as well as provide an opportunity for participants to share and learn from each other.

This particular webinar delves into language considerations in EGR programs:

  • How language is a critical issue to consider and plan for in EGR programming
  • The benefits of teaching children to read in a language that children and teachers understand
  • Language-specific factors to consider when designing, implementing and evaluating an early grade reading program, including those related to instruction, content, materials and teacher professional development
  • Policy and advocacy around language issues and Early Grade Literacy programs
Teachers and Teaching
Language of Instruction
Text and Materials
Emergent Literacy
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Teachers, Administrators, Implementers, Ministries/Departments of Education