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Webinar: Understanding How Math Supports Reading, Pt 1

Math + Reading = a powerful educational combination. The August 2017 Global Reading Network (GRN) webinars examine how math supports reading -  and vice versa.

The first webinar, held August 9, highlights the latest research on the topic and case studies in the field. First, Linda Platas of San Francisco State University presents emerging research in the area including evidence that establishing connections between early grade math skills and math interventions affects a child's learning in pre-k through fifth grade. Ultimately those early skills can affect a student's desire to graduate high school or attend college. Then Yasmin Sitabkhan from RTI International (RTI) and Mary Sugrue from the Educational Development Center (DEC) discuss how research and practice in math support early grade reading -- building a bridge between literacy and numeracy. They draw on examples from Rwanda and Kenya to demonstrate that teachers can provide engaging opportunities in classrooms which motivate students to learn, not by rote memory easily forgotten, but for the long term. Marcia Davidson of the American Institutes for Research (AIR) serves as the discussant.

Platas, Linda
Sitabkhan, Yasmin
Sugrue, Mary
Date Published: 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017