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Webinar: Understanding How Math Supports Reading, Pt 2

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Tendolkar, Meera
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The Global Reading Network
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September 28, 2017
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The second Global Reading Network webinar for the month of August 2017, held on the 31st, featured Meera Tendolkar of the Pratham Education Foundation who described how her organization's Learning Camp program in India helps young students improve their basic reading and math skills. "We found that conducting daily reading and writing activities together, children make better gains," Tendolkar said. She added that the 1,638 camps now in India are more child-centered than schools, which increases student enthusiasm. "The school focuses on children who can give good responses," she noted. "In camp, all children get to participate."

Discussant Deepa Srikantaiah of Reading within Reach asked questions related to the contextualization of Pratham's program within different states of India and outside India, connections between students' performance in math and in reading, and connections between EGM and EGR. She also moderated questions from listeners, which included inquiries about teacher training and the cost of materials.

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All members of the GRN Community of Practice