Get to know the Global Reading Network
The Global Reading Network - Leadership. Evidence Sharing. Improving Practice. Innovations. Mobilizing to improve literacy and numeracy skills of all children worldwide.
Who Are We?
The Global Reading Network is made up of a Steering Committee, multiple Working Groups, and Task Teams--and of course the Members--who all work to advance early grade reading efforts around the world.
Early Grade Reading
REACH spearheads Professional Development to Support the Design and Implementation of Early Grade Reading Programming
Why Numeracy?
Mathematical reasoning contributes to making children functionally literate which impacts lifelong learning. We collaborate with the Numeracy Committee of Practice and also share Numeracy resources on our website.
REACH launches first-of-its-kind Toolkit to Promote Literacy for Learners with Disabilities
Reach’s Enabling Writers Workshop culminates having created 3,000 books for young readers in six countries. Click to read more and to register for a webinar series in March on lessons learned from Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Our Work

The Global Reading Network seeks to improve the impact, scale, and sustainability of primary grade reading programs.

Why Reading?

An estimated 387 million children, 258 million of whom are already in school, are not learning foundational reading skills.

The Global Reading Network seeks to remedy this critical problem by connecting stakeholders, individuals, and organizations committed to ensuring that all children are able to read.