Get to know the new Global Reading Network
Welcome to the new Global Reading Network website! The website’s new features include a wide range of functionality and a wealth of resources designed to facilitate learning and action.
Who Are We?
The Global Reading Network is made up of a Steering Committee, multiple Working Groups, and Task Teams--and of course the Members--who all work to advance early grade reading efforts around the world.
Why Numeracy?
Mathematical reasoning contributes to making children functionally literate which impacts lifelong learning. We collaborate with the Numeracy Committee of Practice and also share Numeracy resources on our website.

Our Work

The Global Reading Network seeks to improve the impact, scale, and sustainability of primary grade reading programs.

Icon Thought Icon
Fostering technical leadership, evidence building, and knowledge sharing.
Idea Light Bulb
Offering opportunities to design, pilot, and evaluate innovations to improve reading programs.
Target Icon
Identifying social mobilization and behavior change strategies to help parents/caregivers, households, communities, and governments support young readers at home and in school.
Filling the knowledge-practice gap through facilitating opportunities for dialogue, professional development, and collaborative activities.
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Collecting and sharing resources including assessments, tools, and training materials.
Advocating for increased attention to the vital importance of reading success in the primary grades.

Why Reading?

250 million children around the world are not learning foundational reading skills, 130 million of whom have spent at least four years in school.

The Global Reading Network seeks to remedy this critical problem by connecting stakeholders, individuals, and organizations committed to ensuring that all children are able to read.


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February 26, 2019
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November 1, 2018